Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1st Time Blogging

So this is my very first time blogging. I am really not even sure what the word means, but I am going to give it a shot! I think it's like the 80's version of keeping a diary, am I right?

ANYWAY...let's get to the point at hand:

Triathlon: An athletic contest comprising 3 consecutive events, usually swimming, bicycling, and distance running. (dictionary.com)

My husband is really really into athleticism and competition. For fear of making this blog about him, I do have to give credit where credit is due. If it weren't for him, I would be 200+ lbs, watching the Biggest Loser (my favorite show!), and not knowing where to start to get into shape. He has inspired me in many other ways, but those can be saved for another post down the road :)

I started training for my first triathlon in the spring of 2010. I did it with my wedding in mind hoping to loose some weight and get a toned body for the big day. Well, I didn't loose a single pound and I found out on race day that I had not trained nearly hard enough.

You see, I have attempted 2 different triathlons in the past to only have been met by epic fail. Well...the EPIC fail was my fault on the 1st race, while the other one was completely handled by mother nature herself...(ie: not so epic).

The Crescent Moon Sprint Triathlon: 750 mtr Swim, 11 mile Bike, and 5k Run in Cherry Creek State Park. I invited my friend Ali to train with me and I think we had fun training together. I think that was part of the problem, I didn't take it nearly seriously enough. Race day came in September of 2010, and I borrowed a suit that claimed to be a 'wet suit', but in the end, it was a glorified wrestling uniform :) I got into the water, I tried to acclimate. My heart was in my stomach and I felt I was going to be sick the entire morning. The sun was shining so brightly off the lake surface I could barely see in front of me. 

The horn blasted for my wave of swimmers to go out. I hung out at the back of the crowd for fear of getting kicked or punched in the water. Once my chest went under the surface, I felt like I got the wind knocked outta me. Then I tried to put my face in it and move forward. It was like tiny knives slicing my cheeks open. The water was so dark that when I did a stroke, I could not see my hand at all! I LOST IT! I started to hyperventilate, I all of a sudden forgot how to swim, and at the same time was weeping immensely! 

I flipped over onto my back and started up into the blinding sunlight, trying to find my breath. My heart was now in my throat.  I was done. I back stroked the 50 meters I had made it out into the water and made sure I landed on a place where no one would see that I had quit. I crawled into the bushes and trees and hid behind an aspen tree and cried and cried. I was so embarrassed. How was I going to walk back to the crowd of my family and friends and tell them I was defeated. As I was crying, a woman came up to me and encouraged me to get back in the water and finish the race. She said she was a tri-coach and she would love to help me. I just couldn't do it. 

So, I watch my friend Ali dominate the race and a great time (don't remember what is was at this point in time)...and I swore I would never do another Triathlon again. I "tucked my tail between my legs" and went home a loser. :(

The Showdown at Sundown Spring Triathlon in Las Vegas: 750 mtr Swim, 20k Bike, and 5k Run. My sister-in-law Misti and my husband were wanting a new challenge. Misti wanting to compete in her 1st ever Long Course (1/2 Ironman) and Erik needing training for his 1st ever Full Ironman to be done in St. George two months after this race. We love Vegas, we all had races to compete in, so we invited our friend Peter (who did the Olympic distance), we trained, we got REAL wet suits, and we drove to Vegas in March of 2011.

The drive alone was 12 hours, with 4 bikes in tow on our SUV, luggage that went from floor to ceiling in the hatch back area, and whoever drove got to be DJ. Peter definitely won for most original music choice, and Erik and I got most immature with our rendition of Beauty & the Beast "Be Our Guest"...while Misti took home most predictable DJ with her love of Cold Play. Although Cold Play is really great to nap to ;)

Long story short...we arrive the night before the big race with threats of the swim being cancelled because of cold temperatures. We fretted all night, not sure whether it was going to happen. We woke up the next morning to drop out bikes off at transition and got the great news that Lake Mead was only 54 degrees (or a temperature close to that..I don't remember)! So, that day we all competed in a Duathlon (bike & run), and I still have yet to complete a Triathlon!

So, it is now Winter of 2012. I am going to attempt another Triathlon, this time with my brother Darin. The Ultimate Direction Sprint Triathlon in Evergreen, CO on my brother's birthday in July! Lake Evergreen never gets warm enough during the summer, so everyone is required to wear a wet suit. I went out and got all new gear for this race and have started a 23 week training program as of Feb 5th. I will be training for an Olympic Distance (twice that of a Sprint) in order to be overly prepared! I got my own wet suit so Erik & I can train in Cherry Creek Lake this Spring. I got Merrill's Minimalist Running Shoes, and I recently got a brand new Scott Bike! If I am not prepared for this race...then I am not meant to be a triathlete! (I WILL CONQUER THIS RACE!)

Onward & upward! ~ More to come as training progresses :)


  1. Hey girl...I am so proud of you and I know you will ROCK this next triathlon!! Let me know if you want a runing partner sometime :0)

    Love ya,

  2. Thanks Ali! Once it gets warm enough to run outside, I will for sure need one! I will swing by your house and "pick you up"!

  3. Great blog, and I too am so proud of you!! I can't assist you with anything physical, but I am a great cheerleader! GOOOOO Domineering Traveler, you CAN do it!!! Yeaaaa YOU!!


  4. I want a sexy pic of you in that hot little number (ie wet suit) lol. Best of luck Kdub. You will succeeded because that is who you are & i cant wait to read about your adventures. But no matter what you will never be a looser & should never be embarrassed or ashame to face your family & friends. <3

    1. That is why I have family like you Erica... if you want to join me in training...the invitation is always open :) xoxo