Thursday, April 12, 2012

For the Love of Triathlons

One winter day you wake up and you decide to start you are new triathlon training plan. You are excited about it and you tell the world about your new found inspiration! Next thing you know, you are going to bed realizing that you crave riding your bike, or you miss getting your sinuses cleared out by a healthy dose of chlorine water...or that sometimes a good ol' fashion run just gets your serotonin levels soaring!

I hate the fact that I have been slacking on my blog writing, but having said that, I love that fact that I love to work out! I don't think I've ever felt this way, even in high school as an athlete. It's been 10 weeks into the new me, and I can't figure out which discipline is my favorite! 

Biking is definitely at the top of the list. Maybe because it's the most expensive sport and I have an appetite for speed. Or maybe it's because being out on the open road is freeing to my soul. This little secret jewel of Road Biking can only be discovered 1st hand. Riding solo, or riding with a group, I really feel accomplished, proud, and self-reliant. I am actually going to bike to work (15 miles 1 way) for the 1st time tomorrow...and I am excited about it!

Swimming is really easy on my body and I have worked hard to get where I have gotten since day one. I wasn't even able to swim 1 length of the pool 2 years ago. Now I can comfortably do my race distance and then some. I have a new found love for collecting swim caps too..I have one to go with each of my swimsuits :)

Running is at the bottom of my list, but not loathed completely. I think I have a natural talent for running and I must say that I am proud to rock a couple of dead toe nails now and then because that means that I have been working hard and not slacking off. Running makes the bottom of my list because I believe it is the hardest. I have science to tell me that you get the most caloric impact from running than you do from swimming or biking put together. My body feels it sometimes too. So sadly, if one of these 3 disciplines must make the bottom of the list, then running it will be.

I have a whole bunch of races coming up this spring season and I can't wait to blog about each one! 1st up: The Cookie Chase benefiting Make a Wish Foundation. It's Sat, April 14th in Greenwood Village.  I ran the course on Monday with a friend and killed it with a meager 25 mins!!! I need to see if I can make that count on race day!

I will keep you posted :)

Thanks for reading! Here's a little thought to take home today:


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